Avazcorp Capital Asset Group

Investment opportunities with Avazcorp Capital Asset Group

Investors have the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of global private companies, investing either through the tax-efficient structure of a Venture Capital Trust (VCT) or co-investing on an individual transaction basis by becoming a Avazcorp Capital Asset Group Partner.

Investor Partners can also gain access to transactions in the commercial property sector, where we source and undertake a range of projects which may offer income as well as the prospect of capital gain at exit.

Avazcorp Capital Asset Group is one of the global leading investment firms

Our team has many years combined experience of investing in the new start up in the fields of Technology, Entertainment, Sport, Health, IT, AI, E Commerce, Home, Travel, FINTECH, Crypto Currency, E massenger Club, Travel Club, Home Vacations Club, E Capital, E HR and CabinTel as well as a nationwide profile based on long-standing relationships held across the key regional corporate finance territories.

Avazcorp Capital Asset Group recognises the importance of having a local presence. That’s why we have offices across the Hong kong, London, Singapore.

Maximising value for all of our stakeholders is at the core of our investment approach and philosophy. We only invest where we can measure risk and identify an exit route which offers the prospect of generating positive investor returns.

Risk is further managed by restricting investment to assets which can be acquired for fair value at the point of entry, with upside potential, and by investing defensively, using secured instruments with a regular paid yield whenever possible.