About our company

Avazcorp Capital Asset Group


Avazcorp Capital Asset Group is one of the World largest private Capital, Asset Investment Group managing a global Fund of US $ 50 Billions in 80 cities and countries worldwide. We build long-term and trusted relationships with our clients – wherever they are and wherever they invest. Our major investers are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, china, Korea, Japan, Dubai, London, Qatar, New York, Australia.

Avazcorp Capital Asset Group offer Global Partnership Programme to Global Investors. We offer a Global Opportunity to make an profit return of 30% to 300% over 5 years to 10 years.

Avazcorp Capital Asset Group invest in new start up in the field of Technology, Entertainment, Sport, Health, IT, AI, E Commerce, Home, Travel, FINTECH, Cypto Currency, E massenger Club, Travel Club, Home Vacations Club, E Capital, E HR and CabinTel.

Avazpay Capital Access

Avazpay is a global payment card with visa and master card network Avazpay is a global payment card, without the need to open bank account, can use for E Commerce and use in retail outlet where visa and mastercards is accept worldwide and also withdrawn cash where there is cirrus logo, with visa and mastercard ATM Machine.

Avazpay global card can be purchase online or in 711 convenient store worldwide top up can be done online or with top up card and in 711 convenient store worldwide

Avazpay global card are expected to have sales of 100 millions cards sales worldwide

Avazcorp limited aim to be listed in the New York stock exchange in 2025 and the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2026

We invest in new start up’s in the fields of :




artificial intelligence (A.I)


Information Technology (IT)





Crypto Currency

E massenger Club

Travel Club

Home Vacations Club

E Capital

E HR and CabinTel